The Australian Welder Certification Register (AWCR) is an initiative of the WTIA.

Our objectives are to:

  • Create welding jobs by increasing the efficiency and profitability of Australian industry and
  • Provide a framework for upskilling Australian welders and improving their employability

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What is the AWCR?

The AWCR was developed and is managed by the Welding Technology Institute of Australia. It provides a national framework for qualifying and testing welders to International Standard AS/NZS ISO 9606-1. It:

  • Allows qualified and certified Registered Welders (RW) to be able to work on any site without further testing resulting in a significant cost saving to industry.
  • Provides industry with access to a database of welders with up to date certification and details of their career history.
  • Generates data for a skills gap analysis which will allow the development of a detailed suite of training initiatives to upskill the workforce.
  • Runs on the WeldQ platform; a fully internet enabled cloud based system with a supporting mobile app.


About the Welding Technology Institute of Australia

The AWCR was developed and is managed by the Welding Technology Institute of Australia. The WTIA represents the welding profession in Australia, and its members are made up of individual welding professionals and companies. WTIA members are involved in almost every facet of Australian industry and make a significant contribution to the economy.

WTIA is the Australian representative member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

WTIA’s mission is to represent the interests of members and safeguard the public by ensuring the integrity of in-service welds, and to promote the use of best practice technology and quality systems.