Registered Welder Benefits & Responsibilities



Improved employability

  • The AWCR is supported by Weld Australia Corporate Members who have committed to employ Registered Welders, without further testing, wherever possible.  Supporting Employers
  • The Register is organised so that welders can specialise in certain areas of expertise i.e. Power generation; Shipbuilding
  • Registered Welders have the opportunity to present their work history and qualifications in a verifiable format to prospective employers.
  • Certification under AS/NZS ISO 9606-1 is recognised in Australian, European and North American standards, increasing the opportunity for Registered Welders to work for international companies in Australia and overseas

Continuous upskilling

In conjunction with the testing framework established as part of the AWCR, training providers will be offering short training courses to upskill welders, enabling them to tackle more demanding weld tests.

Recognised career path

Registered Welders have the opportunity to test themselves on more complex weld procedures. This will in turn lead to greater recognition by employers and more satisfying and rewarding career opportunities.


Registered Welders are responsible for maintaining their certification record on the system; failure to do so could lead to certification being suspended or withdrawn.

Registered Welders must ensure that:

  • Their contact details, qualifications and work history (optional) are up to date.
  • Details of every weld test passed are accurately entered onto the register by the Approved Examiner who conducted the test.
  • A responsible person (Supervisor or Approved Examiner) provides evidence of their certification confirmation every 6 months, and this information is entered onto the WeldQ system.
  • The revalidation process is promptly completed every two years.

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