How it Works



  • Welder registers on the WeldQ system AT NO CHARGE.
  • Selects industry specific or Weld Australia generic weld test program.
  • Reviews welding procedures required for the program.
  • Registers for the program PAYS APPLICATION FEE.
  • Testing Centre or Approved Examiner contacts welder to arrange weld test. THERE IS A SEPARATE CHARGE FOR THE TEST PAID DIRECTLY TO THE TEST CENTRE OR EXAMINER.
  • Once qualified, test details are entered onto the WeldQ system by the examiner.
  • The WeldQ system generates an online certificate covering details of process. Sample Certificate
  • Certification is valid for up to 2 years’ subject to 6 monthly confirmations by a responsible person (Supervisor or Approved Examiner).
  • At the end of the 2 year period certification must be re-validated by an Approved Examiner.
  • Welders whose certification is recorded on the AWCR are known as Registered Welders (RW).
  • Details of all Registered Welders are available to Weld Australia Corporate, Premium Corporate and SMART Members.


In the event that an applicant fails a welding test, they will be required to re-apply for a further test. Weld Australia strongly recommends that an approved refresher course is completed before attempting a Re-test.  There will be no Weld Australia registration charge for the first Re-test but there will be testing charges levied by the Examiner and or Testing Centre.


In order to completely fulfill the general theory requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9606-1, Registered Welders not qualified to AS2214 or AS1796 should complete Weld Australia online courses Welding Fundamentals -Basic and Welding Fundamentals – Advanced before they are due for 2 year re-certification.