Employer Benefits & Responsibilities



Employers will benefit from:

Reduced costs

Through the AWCR, employers will be able to check the competence level of any Registered Welder against an internationally recognised standard. This will enable you to minimise the number of welder tests required in order to qualify to specific Weld Procedures.

Minimised risk

By having an industry-wide recognised and certified competency level, the risk of a welder failing a Weld Procedure is significantly reduced.

Currency of certification

As a Registered Welder must retain currency to remain on the AWCR, employers will be able to assess welders against current, rather than past, performance.
Employing Registered Welders provides independent records of welder qualification, simplifying record keeping for quality management systems.

Access to an unparalleled skills base

Through the work history portal, employers will be able to identify and contact Registered Welders for employment.


For the AWCR to be successful and deliver promised benefits to the Australian welding industry, it is essential that it has the support of employers who employ welders directly or indirectly.
Please learn about the scheme, use the system and understand how it works.

We ask you to:

  • Encourage and incentivise all welders to join the scheme.
  • Prefer the employment of Registered Welders wherever practical.
  • Regularly promote the scheme internally and to service providers.
  • Nominate an AWCR ‘Champion’ to ensure the register is kept up to date.
  • Register suitably qualified staff for Approved Examiners status.
  • Use the system to certify against your own weld procedures.