Replacement of the Register of Qualified and Certified Welding Personnel

The current public database of Weld Australia and IIW Register of Qualified and Certified Welding Personnel will be phased out and replaced by the WeldQ System and the AWCR. The current register will be phased out very soon. If you want your existing qualification and certification details to be visible on the new public directory, you must register on WeldQ as soon as possible. More than 300 people have already registered on WeldQ. Best of all, registration is completely free of charge.

How Do I Register on WeldQ?

Go to How to Register.

It is strongly recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser as other browsers may not work properly. If you use Firefox, you may experience some problems. We do NOT recommend Windows Explorer.

Before Registering

Read through the instructions before registering on WeldQ. This will make the registration process much easier. Instructions in the form of manuals and webinars on how to set up a WeldQ account and a WeldQ profile can be found in the Resources section of this website.

All details entered will be verified by Weld Australia.

Further Information

If, after referring to the instructions in the resources, you require assistance please use the contact form on the AWCR website.