Become an Approved Examiner



As an Approved Examiner you will be entitled to charge for the following services:

  • Conducting and examining a weld test.
  • Mechanical testing.
  • Inspection of test centres to ensure they meet the required standard set by Weld Australia.

Approved Examiner

To conduct weld tests you must be a Weld Australia Approved Examiner (AE) and be registered on the AWCR system.

To qualify as an Approved Examiner you must:

  • Be a Weld Australia Member or an employee of a Weld Australia Member Company
  • Be qualified to one (1) of the following Weld Australia or IIW Qualifications:
    • Welding Supervisor (AS1796 or AS2214)
    • International Welding Inspector (Basic)
    • International Welding Inspector (Standard)
    • International Welding Specialist
    • International Welding Technologist
    • International Welding Engineer
  • An equivalent certification as verified by Weld Australia, i.e. CSWIP 3.1, CSWIP 3.2
  • Have a sound understanding of AS/NZS ISO 9606-1 or AS/NZS 2980
  • Be fully conversant with welding safety procedures
  • Study the Approved Examiner Training Package , complete the Questionnaire and submit as per the instructions within.


If you are qualified but not yet certified, please download and complete the relevant form below and send it to

Application for Certification of Welding Inspectors

Application for Certification of Welding Coordinators & Supervisors

Role of the Approved Examiner

The Approved Examiner is the cornerstone of the AWCR. The Approved Examiner has complete responsibility for carrying out weld tests and entering results into the AWCR.

As an Approved Examiner you must conduct weld tests at an approved Testing Centre. A Testing Centre is a place determined by an Approved Examiner to meet the requirements set out by Weld Australia  (see Testing Centres).

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